RD Series - Direct Drive Pumps



Max. Discharge Capacity: up to 18.5 GPM
Direct Drive Technology Explained

RD Direct Drive Pumps

Iwaki America's line of direct drive pumps offer an outstanding balance between size, efficiency and performance. Integrating the motor and pump end into one assembly eliminates any concern about motor bearing life. Our expertise in hydraulic design enables Iwaki America to offer OEM system designers the flexibility of a DC powered design with controllability and advanced hydraulics.

Instruction Manual (Detailed)
Instruction Manual (Condensed)

Please note: Iwaki RD product series is in process of transitioning to the Next Generation of this Product, the NRD Series.
For all current and future inquiries, please review and request information for the new NRD Series Pumps.

RD Series information should only be used for information in support of current customer applications.
  • Easy to Integrate - DC Power, 24 volt, DC brushless motors with integral controllers make wiring and regulatory compliance easy. 12 VDC option available for OEM applications, contact Iwaki America for details.

  • Easy to fit - Our unique, canned motor design offers the most compact package available. Even “heads-up” mounting into a reservoir is possible, making it easy to find a home for this pump.

  • Easy on your ears - Our pumps have sound levels as low as 40dB. We can easily provide test data for each of our models.

  • Easy to live with - Brushless motors and our superior engineering offer design lives in excess of 25K hours.

  • Easy on your budget - Our pumps offer unmatched value! Competitive initial cost combined with overall low cost of ownership due to long maintenance-free life, and no need for repair parts make the RD Series the industry leader for overall value.
RD-05 0.55" x 0.32"
(14mm x 8mm)
1.2 GPM
(4.7 LPM)
11.8 FT

0.9 LB
(0.4 kg)

RD-05H 0.55" x 0.32"
(14mm x 8mm)
2.1 GPM
(7.9 LPM)
36.1 FT
1.0 1.1 LB
(0.5 kg)
RD-12 3/8" NPT
(18mm x 18mm)
3.4 GPM
(12.7 LPM)
22.3 FT
1.0 1.3 LB
(0.4 kg)
RD-12Z 3/8" NPT x 1/4" NPT
(18mm x 10mm)
1.0 GPM
(3.8 LPM)
34.4 FT
1.0 1.3 LB
(0.4 kg)
RD-20 0.71" x 0.71"
(18mm x 18mm)
5.2 GPM
(19.5 LPM)
30.5 FT
1.0 2.9 LB
(1.3 kg)
RD-30 0.71" x 0.71"
(18mm x 18mm)
6.2 GPM
(23.5 LPM)
37.7 FT
1.0 2.9 LB
(1.3 kg)
RD-40 1" NPT x 1/2" NPT
(25mm x 19mm)
6.6 GPM
(25 LPM)
49.2 FT
1.0 3.3 LB
(1.5 kg)
RD-40X 1" NPT x 3/4" NPT
(25mm x 25mm)
18.5 GPM
(70 LPM)
26.2 FT
1.0 3.3 LB
(1.5 kg)