MDG Series - Sealless magnetic drive gear pumps



Max. discharge capacity (50/60Hz): 14/17 L/min

Completely eliminate leakage

  MDG Sealless magnetic drive gear pumps  




Iwaki MDG series pumps are small, sealless magnetic drive gear pumps engineered to provide the utmost in quiet, leak-free operation.

Due to their remarkable efficiency and compact design, these pumps are in hundreds of varied applications, including some of the most sophisticated medical and laboratory equipment.

  • Sealless construction ideal for OEM applications - Leak-free and seal-less, MDG pumps are ideal
    for incorporation into equipment. The magnet drive mechanism eliminates the troublesome shaft
    seal replacement.

  • Outstanding corrosion resistance - Liquid end parts are manufactured from SUS316, PTFE,
    PPS and PEEK materials. This combination of materials offers extremely high levels of corrosion resistance and durability creating an MDG line that is capable of handling many different aggressive chemical solutions.

  • High pressure gear rotary system- MDG pumps are characterized by high pressure and low flow
    rate. Despite its small size, it can attain high pressure to 87 PSI and vacuum of 1.57inHg.

  • Excellent thermal resistance - Combining the heat-resistant materials of construction, along with precision machining processes and Iwaki's innovative gear and body manufacturing processes, give the MDG series of pumps the capability to handle solutions rated to 95°C.
Max discharge capacity
0.5 GPM (1.7 L/min)
Max discharge pressure
22 PSI (0.15 MPa)
Max vacuum
1.57 inHg (5.3 kPa)
Drive voltage
12 or 24 VDC
Liquid temperature range
32 to 203°F (0 to 95°C)
1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)
Power voltage
24 VDC