APN-W Series - Gas/Liquid transfer pumps



Max. discharge capacity (50/60Hz): 0.1 to 4.0 L/min (DC power), 3 to 5/4 to 6 L/min

Perfect combination of form and function

APN Liquid/Gas Transfer Pumps


APN-05-60W Instruction Manual
APN-30-60GD3-W Instruction Manual
APN-110 Instruction Manual
APN-085-W Instruction Manual

Iwaki APN-W liquid/gas pumps are the perfect combination of form and function. The use of a special diaphragm design allows the pump to transfer both air and liquid efficiently. Patented self-flushing valves give APN-W the ability to pump debris or slurries without clogging, reducing performance or hindering priming capability. The compact, lightweight unit offers optimum sizing for analytical equipment.
  • Increase system reliability - APN-W's patented valve design provides consistent self-priming even handling waste slurries.

  • Ease of integration - Equipped with compact brushed or BLDC motors and suction/discharge ports that can be mounted in any configuration, APN-W is a 'drop-in' upgrade for any competitive vacuum pump.

  • Increase device portability- Miniature 12/24 VDC motors combined with lightweight corrosion-resistant materials promote increased portability of your instrument.

  • Reduce system noise - APN-W pumps employ several proven methods for noise reduction including; structured valve design and enhanced diaphragms for handling liquid or gas, enlarged bearings for smooth rotation, and external vibration dampeners for the most critical applications.

  • Reduce maintenance costs - Manufactured under strict ISO 9001/14001 quality standards and assembled with the most chemically-inert materials, Iwaki APN-W pumps are built for long trouble-free life.

  • Simplify system designs - APN-W is the one pump to do it all. Whether pumping gas, liquid or slurries, or being used for vacuum or compression, APN-W is the most versatile pump for your system.
APN-05 APN-10 APN-20 APN-30 APN-60 APN-085
Water transfer performance (mL/min)
50 100 200 300 600 500
Air transfer performance (mL/min)
100 200 1200 4000
Vacuum in Hg (kPa)
26 (87.99) 22 (74.66) 14.2 (47.99) 10 (34.66)
Air discharge pressure PSI (MPa)
1.45 (0.01) 4.35 (0.03) 11.6 (0.08) 7.3 (0.05)
DC 24V
Dimension inches (mm)
1.02 x 2.48 x 1.81
(W26 x L63 x H46)
1.18 x 3.15 x 2.17
(W30 x L80 x H55)
3.15 x 5.12 x 4.76
(W80 x L130 x H121)

* Other options available upon request.